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Is this a myth? “Most Situations Will Go To Ground… The Mantra and the Reality,” by Nev Sagiba

You do not want to “go to ground” with dogs, other animals either, whether domesticated or untamed. And very seldom will you be attacked by one single person, or animal, who is unarmed, smaller, weaker, disadvantaged or in any way

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Early Aikikai style… Hiroshi Tada Shihan – Rare Aikido Demonstration (1957)

This is a rare demonstration held at the Self-Defense Ministry in Tokyo’s Ichigaya circa 1957. This section is the performance of Hiroshi Tada Shihan. The film was part of André Nocquet’s private 8 mm collection. Nocquet was the very first

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The debate that never ends! Stanley Pranin’s Video Blog: “Should Weapons be a Part of Aikido Training?”

Why can’t we ever answer this important question to everyone’s satisfaction? Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin offers a video blog in which he discusses the issue of whether or not Aikido training should involve the practice of weapons. He provides

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“Martial Arts, Aikido and Peace?” by George Ledyard

The one thing that is absolutely assured in this world is change. Change is constant, unstoppable. The entire Universe is in constant flux. At each instant structures are being created and structures are passing out of existence. And yet, nothing

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2014 Aiki Jinja Festival Video

Demonstration of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and Mitsuteru ueshiba at the Aiki-jinja Taisai 2014.…MWgkqAobsoXRkQ…MWgkqAobsoXRkQ What are your thoughts on this video? Mihaly

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Two of the Greats of France… Aikido documentary featuring André Nocquet and Nobuyoshi Tamura

This video is a documentary with English subtitles on two of the greats of French aikido: the late André Nocquet and Nobuyoshi Tamura. There are some great action scenes in this clip… Click here to watch video

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USAF Collecting Donations for New York Aikikai’ 50th Anniversary

Posted 2014-05-01 12:15:55 by Jun Akiyama News URL: http://…=ASJWZNTAH59QG The United States Aikido Federation (USAF) is collecting donations for New York Aikikai’s 50th anniversary. The announcement states, "Because the USAF is a not-for-profit organization, your donation is tax-deductible, so keep

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Consummate Aikido Master… “Morihiro Saito, Keeper of the Flame,” by Stanley Pranin

Morihiro Saito was one of the Founder’s closest students and happened to have been taught precisely during the years immediately following World War II. Always an advocate of the Founder’s eclectic approach to the art in contrast to the “toned

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New pages for a yudansha book

Hi Everybody, Is there a reasonable source for extra pages for a yudansha book? I’ve gone to too many seminars! I vaguely recall a mention of this on the forum some years ago but the search terms I tried did

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Youtube video: Kotegaeshi Which one are you? Do you step back or forward?

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